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  • Don’t under-estimate the impact of change

    Posted on August 3, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    Executive coaching for trustees, directors, partners and managers brings about improved thinking and positive ambitions, says HJC Associates’ Managing Director, Helen Chambers.

    If people are motivated, challenged and self aware, satisfaction, contentment and self fulfilment will follow, she says.

    Staff training is designed to specifically meet needs – this could be a full Institute of Leadership and Management qualification course, or just a couple of hours on How to Interview people.  We have worked with organisations of all sizes and shapes and sectors, and use that experience to deliver high quality, interactive training that is focused on what people need to do better.

    One of the most common things we find is that organisations underestimate the impact changes will have on their people. And any organisation can only reap the full benefits of positive change if everyone is committed and skilled enough to cope and to build relationships.

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