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  • Coaching for Management Effectiveness

    Posted on February 23, 2017 by in Mentoring, Self development, Training


    While the view can be stunning, life can be lonely at the top of a mountain.

    It’s the same in organisational structures; the higher up the ladder you get, the lonelier it becomes and loneliness can lead to a sense of isolation.

    Senior management staff, such as Directors, Assistant Directors and high level management may well relate to this feeling. They often have responsibility for other staff development, but who takes the reins for their own development?

    Often it becomes a balancing act. Balancing time between “the day job”, 0 of management responsibilities, as well as understanding and implementing the right solution for their own needs. Finding the right solution supports the whole company. While the wrong solution could have an unintended impact on the quality of service provided, and no one wants to end up in that situation.

    Sometimes there is a need to be creative and explore new practices in order to move forward. Understandably change can be difficult but fostering the right support can lead to change being embraced. For example, when promoting people on the basis of their technical skills and experience, provision of the right management support is important. Providing the opportunities for development of management skills is also vital for people to do their job well.

    To facilitate new practices, input from an external executive coach or trainer can be invaluable. Someone looking in from the outside often sees more of an organisation and its people than someone who is familiar with the inside view.

    Effective coaching, training and mentoring delivers tangible benefits, not just to the recipients but to the organisations that employ them. The results may well include better management skills and increased job motivation, and bring a few added benefits such as tweaks in organisational structure and policy development.

    Training and coaching is an investment. However, it’s often seen as a cost, despite the fact that research studies have indicated that it delivers a return on investment (ROI) of nearly six times the cost of the coaching.

    Selecting the right external coach or trainer is of course important. The senior management team is often responsible for making the decision for coaching requirements within departments or throughout the whole organisation. However, it’s important to be aware that the decisions made for this provision can be different from what is required for executive coaching/training. It’s important to consider the following:

    • Where the advice and guidance for any executive coaching/training comes from.
      • Consider taking external advice, as it’s often difficult to see what one’s own requirements are.
      • Consider whether the coach or trainer has experience relevant to you
    • That one size does not fit all.
      • The coaching/training required often varies depending on role and position within the company.
    • That the selection of the coach or trainer can be dependent on the amount of support required.
      • Consider how much support and guidance is required during the delivery of the coaching/training.

    It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Take a step back and let us help you create an inspired way forward.

    For more information about how we can help you with all levels of management coaching and training contact Helen Chambers, Managing Director of HJC Associates HERE

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