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  • Healthy People Make Healthy Organisations

    Posted on July 17, 2013 by in Employees

    “By adopting a positive approach to stress management organisations can take major steps towards achieving these aims.”

    All organisations have a responsibility to protect the health of their employees and want to be cost effective in their operations. There’s also a duty to apply the principles to health and safety. By adopting a positive approach to Stress Management organisations can take major steps towards achieving these aims. A small investment in the management of stress makes a huge difference. For a start there’s a direct impact on costs. There’s also a positive effect on the enthusiasm and effectiveness of staff.

    We all react to, and manage stress, in different ways. Therapeutic and positive techniques give individuals tools they can use for the rest of their lives, for both professional and personal balance. Helen Chambers is a Stress Management Consultant experienced in organisational development and the use of therapeutic techniques for personal effectiveness. She focuses on the real impact for each individual within an organisation. By working with small groups and adapting Stress Management days to meet the needs of the group, Helen can really make a difference in the workplace.

    Courses are successful because Helen understands stress and how it affects us as individuals. She helps people develop techniques to manage stress and the way it affects them.  She works with organisations, before and after a course, to help them adapt to different cultures, personalities and needs.