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    Posted on June 5, 2015 by in Business models, Developing Managers, Employees, Mentoring, skills, Team Leadership, Training

    We know that not every organisation wants to implement a formal management course, which is why we deliver high quality training certified and approved by ILM in the UK, in a variety of ways. 

    With this unique approach, ILM evaluate and approve the overall quality of the programme – we tailor the length, content and delivery.

    The qualification brings prestige to your staff development and training programmes. Why? Because all learners on programmes get free studying membership of ILM; credibility and value is combined with benchmarked and quality-assured training; and it increases staff engagement.

    ILM qualifications are flexible and contain optional elements to create a nationally accredited qualification, awarded by ILM. They can be delivered flexibly to meet your specific needs. This means that single units can be delivered and assessed – these can then be built up if required.

    We are an ILM Approved Centre, which means we can offer assessed qualifications, contained within the Register of Regulated Qualifications in the UK. We are also a Recognised Provider of Development Awards for ILM – this means we can offer ILM recognition and accreditation for bespoke and in-house training.

    We can tailor the length, content and delivery of your development programmes, and assure the overall quality.  ILM only recognises high-quality development programmes through recognised providers so this adds credibility and value to the programme and validates the investment.

    The ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management contains a number of units with differing credit values.  In order to meet ILM requirements, a minimum of 13 credits is required to award the Certificate at Level 5. We can offer the three key areas for a middle manager, applicable regardless of the size or type of organisation. These are –

    • Understanding the management role to improve management performance (4 credits)
    • Becoming an effective leader (5 credits)
    • Managing projects in an organisation (4 credits)

    These units would be delivered using a coaching model.  This means working closely with learners to draw out their own experience, the requirements of their workplace, their future aspirations and building on existing knowledge.  Each learner gets individual attention, and this can add huge value to both the learner and their employer, as clear improvements can be identified and applied.

    For each unit, a two hour coaching session will be delivered on a face to face basis.  This will be supported by a slide presentation, exercises and additional reading material and resources, which is provided to the learner prior to the coaching session.

    Learners have access to their coach via telephone (or Skype) and email between sessions.  Additional coaching sessions can be arranged for an additional fee. Assessment is through the completion of a work-based assignment per module, which is assessed by your coach.  This then goes through a rigorous process of internal and external quality assurance before an award is made. 

    Assignments can be completed in your own time, in your own way, and feedback will always be given until a satisfactory result is obtained.  There is no timetable for assessment, although you need to complete the full qualification within two years.

    We are currently offering this coaching programme for a discounted rate of £799.  This offer is valid until 1 August 2015.  

    NB. This fee does not include the ILM registration fee, which is currently £107.