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How we work

Managing change and growth – no matter how simple or extensive – is one of the biggest challenges that organisations face. We provide expertise and resources for business planning, communications, HR planning, training and development, and the provision and implementation of policies and procedures.

Our services include:

  • Facilitation to include develop vision, mission and positioning statements;
  • Develop and embed key values, cultures and policies;
  • Develop documentation, establish procedures;
  • Maintain and evaluate those procedures; develop quality assurance and communication processes
  • Staff development activities

Our experience includes:

  • Working with Boards, Trustees and senior leadership teams to bring about change
  • Improving and growing skills’ bases through staff development
  • Market research for alternative funding streams including the creation of social enterprises core
  • Leverage of a brand, culture, ethos and impartiality into a business environment; access to opportunities
  • Introduction of innovative and contemporary marketing and business development techniques

Training, Coaching and Mentoring
We provide executive coaching for trustees, directors, partners and managers to enable improved thinking and positive ambitions, believing that if people are motivated, challenged and self aware, satisfaction, contentment and self fulfilment will follow.

Staff training is designed to specifically meet needs – this could be a full Institute of Leadership and Management qualification course, or just a couple of hours on How to Interview people.  We have worked with organisations of all sizes and shapes and sectors, and use that experience to deliver high quality, interactive training that is focused on what people need to do better.

One of the most common things we find is that organisations underestimate the impact changes will have on their people. And any organisation can only reap the full benefits of positive change if everyone is committed and skilled enough to cope and to build relationships.

Making Changes and Solving Problems
Our approach to tackling problems is a clearly planned approach that’s right for your organisation.  By working directly with those people experiencing the problem, by getting closely involved in the problem, we work through a clear step-by-step process to address key issues.

Often solving a problem comes about simply by defining strategy and vision, and bringing focus to goals and ambitions. Where do you want or need to be in one, five or even ten years’ time?

Then it’s time to establish how you’re going to get there. We’ll help you establish exactly what strategies and procedures are needed to achieve goals. It’s about providing you with bespoke strategies and supporting tools and techniques that really work – not abstract theories and jargon that have little application.

It’s not necessarily about making huge changes – it’s about small yet powerful changes to your existing systems that yield dramatic results.

We’ll work closely with you and your staff to plan and implement these changes, using simple project management techniques, in order to ensure they become permanent.  You’ll finish with a clear plan for the way forward plus the enthusiasm and inspiration you need to get started immediately.