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  • Keep your focus in the cold winter days

    Posted on November 17, 2015 by in CPD, Employee behaviour, Self development, Team Leadership, Training

    As the weather gets colder and we really know winter is here, I am reminded that we need to develop strategies to keep our focus, maintain energy levels and  – perhaps most importantly – arrive at work with a smile on our faces, especially on those dark mornings.

    There are a number to explore but only you will know those that work for you. Some examples are:

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – just do a search on YouTube and you can find out more about how to do this very quick and easy exercise to give yourself resolve and focus, and help you prioritise

    Meditation – again you can find many different podcasts to download to your smart phone or tablet

    Exercises – just a few minutes will get the blood flowing, raise your ‘feel good’ hormones and give you a boost – try the 7 minute workout app.

    If your immediate reaction to this is ‘I don’t have time to do any of this!’ I would urge you to re-think.  Just a few minutes will give you more energy, focus and give you time to work out what your real priorities are.  The focus needs to be on achieving, not doing – we all spend a lot of time doing, but it is what we achieve that gives us a boost, actively works towards our goals and gives us a sense of fulfilment.

    If you need help on finding your way forward, either as an individual or as a team, we can help through coaching, personality assessment tools, team building and development, staff training and consultancy on problem solving and getting rid of blockages.

    Good luck and keep learning!

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