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Home or away?


It’s sometimes better to organise workshops and training courses well away from the primary workplace.

Why? Well, often there are too many distractions (‘I had to slip away and send an email’) and participants might be a little self-conscious about their attendance. There’s no doubt that being off-site means less interruptions and more value being put on the content, its aims and objectives.

But the need to move to an off-site location might be driven by the convenience of bringing people together who don’t work together on a day to day basis.

It might also be there’s a special requirement for equipment, a location or resources needed for development activities. It might be you just want the participants to feel they’re valued, or that the course content is worth spending extra time and resources.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, it just depends on what the requirements are and at HJC Associates we leave no stone unturned in our quest to find the right location for the job.

We take care of everything: finding and confirming a training venue; accommodation (if needed); organising social events (if residential course of more than a day); making sure all training and delegate materials are to hand; pre-training and post training briefings; reporting and evaluation.

And we can help after the training is over, in ensuring people translate what they have learned in the context of their own role. Learning is one thing; application is another. Training delegates can be left with an important question to answer. What does this all mean to me?

So where should training take place? It depends what we’re trying to achieve together.

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