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  • Mentoring can turn your business around…

    Posted on July 17, 2013 by in Mentoring

    Leicester-based business mentor Helen Chambers has recently been instrumental in changing the fortunes of holdings company KC Partnership.  The KC Partnership operates five businesses in Leicestershire, including a well-established envelope machinery company, a website company called Exloversreunited, and a domiciliary care agency.  The problem for Christian Miles, Director of KC Partnership, was knowing where the company should concentrate its efforts, and this was having a detrimental effect on efficiency.

    Helen Chambers, from HJC Associates, was brought in to help determine a clear way forward and raise levels of morale through leadership. Helen came to the organisation through an East Midlands Development Agency initiative in which ten consultations are given to leaders of SMEs to help to develop growing businesses.  Starting as a leadership mentor, Helen worked with Christian to recognise flaws in the organisational structure and put them right.  “Mentoring isn’t about dictatorship – you don’t learn anything in a dictatorship,” said Helen. “By working alongside Christian we could find problems and determine solutions together. “Between my knowledge of sound business principles and Christian’s of his own business structure, we found it easy to work together and solve problems quickly.”

    Amongst mentoring and coaching, Helen used management tools and techniques to develop clear planning priorities to support business growth. These tools and techniques included brainstorming sessions, personality tests to see how staff interacted and to create communication plans, traditional management training and the production of business plans, policies and procedures, and quality assurance measures.

    After establishing a firm foundation on which to base further expansion, Helen was able to start business coaching. “Coaching and mentoring are different,” continued Helen. “Mentoring involves working with someone in an environment where the mentor holds all of the information and dissipates as necessary to achieve positive results; coaching involves giving the coachee the tools to be able to learn and use relevant information and techniques to their own advantage.”  Coaching can prove valuable for business managers who are: stuck in a rut, having difficulty making decisions or moving forward, looking for ways to improve personal or team performance, wanting to make positive changes in their business, looking for support in a new role or looking for support following a promotion

    Christian Miles, KCs managing director said: “I found Helen to be extremely knowledgeable in a lot of areas and working with her has opened our eyes, created ideas and invigorated the business operation.” “Now two years down the line we have achieved more than we could have imagined and we still have a plan for further development going forward.  “Needless to say we will be continuing the services of HJC Associates for as long as we can!”

    For more information about how to get ahead in business, call Helen on 07887 536 433, email  helen@hjcassociates.co.uk