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  • Why Bother with HR?

    Posted on February 27, 2017 by in Employees, Staff Development

    There are many reasons why schools and colleges would think that investment in a focus on HR is not worth it. Such as, we can’t afford it, we’re not big enough, it would be nice but we don’t have time, we have enough to do, or even because it’s outsourced.

    However, attention on HR can pay huge dividends for any organisation and has an impact across the whole organisation.  You are taking huge steps towards the future, by thinking about:

    • Job design
    • Job descriptions
    • An effective induction process
    • Performance management
    • Appraisals

    The benefit of having an effective HR management and practice is that it will lead to:

    • Reduced costs
    • Improved performance and motivation
    • Reduced staff turnover

    By establishing and supporting good HR practice and training managers to the highest standards, life becomes easier, calmer and more efficient. Conflict is reduced and new staff will be effective and inspired in their roles much quicker.  By investing the time and effort now, you will undoubtedly reap rewards later.

    Such practice, supported by strong policies, will even have an effect on the levels of customer service offered to students both prospective and enrolled. This will allow you to take steps towards that much-talked about and desired coaching culture.

    There are of course dangers in not developing excellent HR practice for your staff and other stakeholders.  You are at risk of tribunals, conflict amongst staff and customers, of wasting money on ineffective induction and CPD activities, and of course poor inspection results.

    Having an excellent HR practice does not have to be an expensive, time-consuming and stressful practice.  Small steps can pay great dividends.

    Bringing in a consultant who is familiar with your sector and its’ challenges for just one day will pay dividends. It will help you to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and plan a way forward in easy steps.  It will quickly pay dividends, not only in reducing costs, but building trust and relationships.

    The right consultant will also “pave the way” for developing management skills in areas such as:

    • Interviewing
    • Appraisals
    • Communication
    • Setting objectives in line with the school’s goals and targets

    In his book, The Speed of Trust, Michael M R Covey concluded that the greater level of trust in an organisation, the lower the costs and the higher the productivity.  Whatever you can do to support your management staff at every level in building the trust and confidence of the staff and customers will pay dividends!

    So, why bother with HR? We believe it’s because having a professional and solid foundation will provide the missing link between a good organisation and a great one.

    HJC Associates Ltd is a consultancy, training and development organisation with well-established credentials in the ELT sector, having worked with many schools and colleges and extensively with English UK.  Our managing director, Helen Chambers, has presented at many conferences and events on management, leadership and HR topics.  We are an approved centre for The Institute of Leadership and Management and work nationally and internationally.

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